Tony Nik’s, San Francisco: Update

I received this comment on last year’s post on the Tony Nik’s sign in San Francisco

I have the answers to all your questions (at least the ones posed above).

Tony Nik was actually Antonio Nicco, my grandfather. When prohibition was repealed in 1933, he and my grandmother opened Tony Nicco’s Cafe. Previously, that was the site for Madame Nicco’s French Laundry.

The sign you see is the original sign. My grandfather ran the bar until 1950, when he sold it to longtime friend and fellow bartender Charles “Butch” Lavagnino. Butch changed the name to Tony Nik’s – hence the painting over the original “Nicco’s” (you can almost see it on close inpection) to change it to Nik’s.

Well, that’s it for Tony Nik’s for beginners. If you have other questions, please contact me. Thank you for your interest.

Mark Nicco.000061

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  1. Tina Williams says:

    Well I happen to think that is really interesting!! My question is what was the business when it was called “Madame” Nicco’s French Laundry. I love your family and truly would like to learn the full history of your family!! Love always and always, Tina

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