Callahan Ranch Hotel: Callahan, California 2007

It’s an incredible, thrilling, twisty lonely 250 mile motorcycle ride on old Highway 3 from Ferndale on the Humbolt Coast to Yreka in Siskiyou County. Halfway between Weaverville and Yreka is the dying lumber, mining and ranching town of Callahan. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it. It’s not a ghost town yet because the little general store is still opened sometimes. Farrington’s Store (since 1860) was open, so I stopped for a soda and chatted with an old-timer who told some good stories. The Callahan Ranch Hotel was opened in 1854. He said it has been abandoned pretty much forever, although every once in a while somebody passing through says they want to buy it and fix it up, but “why the hell would anybody want to come and stay in a hotel in Callahan?” The dimensional lettering on the facade is remarkably well preserved considering the condition of the rest of the building. The dimensional lettering is really unusual: it’s painted with an above-looking-down perspective although the viewer sees the sign from below looking up. It’s a bit disorienting… kind of like the town itself.

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2 Responses to Callahan Ranch Hotel: Callahan, California 2007

  1. Randal Steinbeck says:

    I have purchased the Callahan Ranch Hotel and will restore it this spring

  2. david forrest says:

    I worked on this property with the (then) owner, John Owens in the middle 70’s. It was too big a renovation project and John ran out of funds. He passed and apperently Mr Stienbeck bought it and finished the project. I recently saw it and was amazed.

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